Legend of Swordman Premium APK v1.4.1 Terbaru for Android

Download Game Legend of Swordman Premium APK v1.4.1 Terbaru Gratis | Selamat malam guys, pada kesempatan kali ini mimin akan membagikan update game versi terbaru dan terpopuler serta terupdate yaitu legend of swordman full version free apk download for android. Game ini merupakan sebuah update game yang keren dan terpopuler guys. Berikut mimin akan menjelaskan sedikit tentang game legend of swordman unlimited apk cracked update. Klik juga RonyaSoft Poster Printer Terbaru Registered

Legend of Swordman MOD APK Latest Version merupakan sebuah update game freemium terbaru bergenre adventure yang pada versi terbarunya ini dirilis dan dikembangkan oleh developer The Skynet Co., Ltd. Mohon maaf sebelumnya guys, karena disini mimin belum dapat menyertakan versi hack moddednya. Begitu juga dengan cara cheat legend of swordman cheats full hack apk free download for android belum tersedia. Baca juga Game Defender III Hack MOD APK Terbaru Gratis

Legend of Swordman Prime APK Features :

  • 12 well-known classes,Emei, Wudang, Shaolin, Taohua, Tian Wang, TianRen, Xiao Yao, Cui Yan, TangMen, kunlun, Beggar, and Five Venoms. All with unique specialties for warriors to join.
  • Song-Jin alliances war,the great battle that makes the land trembles. Fight the team battle of PVP[20VS20], the large battle of40 players.
  • Guild, gather warriors with one goal to forge a strong alliance, join 100VS100 conquest war to occupy towns, build the forge, and create legendary weapons and equipments.
  • Blood bathing wars. With various battle style, alliances war, guilds war, arena, class battle, and swords battle of Mount Hua in PVP and PVE styles.
  • Free PK out of town map in Open World environment. Let warriors freely meet up and kill without limit.
  • Balance5 elements [Gold>Wood>Earth>Water>Fire] Elements system which each can completely surpass others. Elements Surpass is half the battle.
  • House and Garden Feature that warriors can build, decorate with luxury furniture make it magnificent. Also plant the trees in the garden and enjoy the relax side of the realm.

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